Apple App Review Process – Took Over 3 Months

So after three months… Our app is not yet live. Me and various teams of mine submitted over 100 apps and updates in various regions and categories. We never had such a long review process. Even close. Ever. So I’ve decided to publish an article to view some light and potentially ask if anyone has an idea why it happened for us with this app.

This is a financial app for Maxico region (due to confidentiality reasons I cannot reveal name of the app). We have initially submitted it on 1st of December, 2016. It went into review and got approved on 5th of December. Brilliant.

But then we had a little issue and we had to release update before going live. Nothing major, really. We did not change any requirement for our clients or anything similar. We submitted another version on 19th of December. it went into review again on 20th of December and got went as “Metadata Rejected”. Reason was that dear Apple Review Team wanted to understand why we are asking such sensitive information about our client. We are providing financial services so this is absolutely necessary. Part of official Mexico law document was provided to Apple Review team.

After this we had on long period on trying to contact apple review team on the phone, because they were not able to contact us (due to reason “wrong contact details”). Even after providing local business representative contact in Mexico, apple took a long time to finally reach to us. Meanwhile we made at least 30 calls which all went to answering machine (yes, it was working time in local to reviewers time zone).

When Apple finally reached our representative – they didn’t ask any questions. They simply said that they will review our app. Whoa!!!


So the last thing – App is In Review since 2nd of February, 2017. Today we have 27th of February 2017.

Oh, I forgot to mention – we’ve just sent third appeal to Apple Review Board.

Any ideas what went wrong? Please share in comment below.


Unable to Download error with iOS ad-hoc over the air distribution

Trying to install an enterprise app on an iPhone and iPad from my web server. The iPhone worked fine but the iPad was failing with the above error message. Me and Justas racked our brains and lost many sleepless minutes trying to figure out what was wrong.

After losing all hope, I tracked down the problem to a simple casing issue. Specifically, the icon image for the iPad, which had a capital letter in the name on the server but I typed the name in lowercase in the plist file. So, actually the ipa, the plist could be downloaded fine, but the download failed for the icon.

Correcting the case of the icon fixed the problem and the app is downloading now. So, be very careful with your paths and if you have this error, check you can download all the resources from a web browser from your server, the icons, the ipa, the plist files.


The Shadow Knows – Adobe Shadow Mobile Web Development Tool

Adobe have a new tool called Adobe Shadow.

It allows you to sync a website  from your desktop to several mobile devices. You install a client application on your mobile such as your iPhone, iPad, Android phone. Then install a client app on your PC (OS X, Windows), then install a Chrome Extension tool.

When you have all the apps ready, make sure you are on the same WiFi network and open the Shadow app on your mobile device. I twill scan the network and find you desktop to sync as show by its name.

Click on the name of your machine to connect and you will get a pass code number. Now open up Chrome and click on the Shadow extension and you will see your device listed. Click on it to enter the pass code and the device should be connected.

Do this for all your devices and now browse to your development site. You should see the site on your desktop and it will sync to all your devices. Even better, your devices will show as they have been designed for those devices.

For example, a responsive designed website, would show full screen on desktop, but give a mobile view on the phone. It is the same as browsing from your phone, but is all  handled from the desktop as a server and makes it easy to check layouts on mobile devices at once.

Even better, you can use the debug tools in Chrome to inspect and change the served code to the mobile devices. Click on the Shadow extension in Chrome and click on the Remote Inspection <> icon for the device you want. This will open up a Weinre debugging session where you can inspect the elements and assets like on the desktop Chrome. It will even flash the elements on the browser and you can perform live updates.

Even better, use this with the Ripple emulator on the desktop for true mobile debugging 😉

Totally awesome tool.