Apple App Review Process – Took Over 3 Months

So after three months… Our app is not yet live. Me and various teams of mine submitted over 100 apps and updates in various regions and categories. We never had such a long review process. Even close. Ever. So I’ve decided to publish an article to view some light and potentially ask if anyone has an idea why it happened for us with this app.

This is a financial app for Maxico region (due to confidentiality reasons I cannot reveal name of the app). We have initially submitted it on 1st of December, 2016. It went into review and got approved on 5th of December. Brilliant.

But then we had a little issue and we had to release update before going live. Nothing major, really. We did not change any requirement for our clients or anything similar. We submitted another version on 19th of December. it went into review again on 20th of December and got went as “Metadata Rejected”. Reason was that dear Apple Review Team wanted to understand why we are asking such sensitive information about our client. We are providing financial services so this is absolutely necessary. Part of official Mexico law document was provided to Apple Review team.

After this we had on long period on trying to contact apple review team on the phone, because they were not able to contact us (due to reason “wrong contact details”). Even after providing local business representative contact in Mexico, apple took a long time to finally reach to us. Meanwhile we made at least 30 calls which all went to answering machine (yes, it was working time in local to reviewers time zone).

When Apple finally reached our representative – they didn’t ask any questions. They simply said that they will review our app. Whoa!!!


So the last thing – App is In Review since 2nd of February, 2017. Today we have 27th of February 2017.

Oh, I forgot to mention – we’ve just sent third appeal to Apple Review Board.

Any ideas what went wrong? Please share in comment below.


Stay app (stores windows position)

This app could be useful for you all guys.

Use case: when we arrange all windows an our desktops (incl. external monitor) and we disconnect the monitor, it will put all windows in one screen for you. When you reconnect your monitor, all windows will stay in previous positions – will not be restored back to two monitor settings. This app stores positions of windows for you. Link to website is below, but you can also get the app from app store 10.49£.

I would really like to try this app out, but I don’t have sufficient fund for it at the moment. So if you know any good free app which does the same, please let me know.

Brackets – HTML/CSS/JS editor written in HTML/CSS/JS

Gareth Noon posted link to this amazing tool

This tool allows to edit css file in line of HTML file. So basically if you’re looking into you body tag, you tool will find all related css parts for you to edit in-line. Just few weeks ago it would save us (Me and Tor) at least few hours of work when we were editing JQuery CSS files.

There are no final version yet (developers claims that they are using this same tool to develop the tool itself for quite some time already, so it should be quite good), but it’s available on git

Didn’t have time to try it out now, but definitely will and provide a feedback here.


With help of Gareth forced it to run:

iOS 6 In-App Purchase – access any content from iTunes store


The Store Kit framework (StoreKit.framework) now supports the purchasing of iTunes content inside your app and provides support for having downloadable content hosted on Apple servers. With in-app content purchases, you present a view controller that lets users purchase apps, music, books, and other iTunes content directly from within your app. You identify the items you want to make available for purchase but the rest of the transaction is handled for you by Store Kit.

Prior to iOS 6, you were responsible for managing any downloadable content made available through in app purchase. Hosted downloads now simplify the work you need to do to make content available to users. The new SKDownload class represents a downloadable piece of content. In addition, theSKPaymentTransaction class has been modified to provide an array of download objects for any hosted content. To download a piece of content, you queue a download object on the payment queue. When the download completes, your payment queue observer is notified.
For more information about the classes of the Store Kit framework, see Store Kit Framework Reference.