iOS 6 In-App Purchase – access any content from iTunes store


The Store Kit framework (StoreKit.framework) now supports the purchasing of iTunes content inside your app and provides support for having downloadable content hosted on Apple servers. With in-app content purchases, you present a view controller that lets users purchase apps, music, books, and other iTunes content directly from within your app. You identify the items you want to make available for purchase but the rest of the transaction is handled for you by Store Kit.

Prior to iOS 6, you were responsible for managing any downloadable content made available through in app purchase. Hosted downloads now simplify the work you need to do to make content available to users. The new SKDownload class represents a downloadable piece of content. In addition, theSKPaymentTransaction class has been modified to provide an array of download objects for any hosted content. To download a piece of content, you queue a download object on the payment queue. When the download completes, your payment queue observer is notified.
For more information about the classes of the Store Kit framework, see Store Kit Framework Reference.

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